It might sometimes be neccassary to manually create print files. This article desribes how you can make a print file per SKU. If you want to make one file to for example use it in our Invition Print & Ship plugin, please click on the article-link below:

Follow these steps to make one file print-ready 

1. You can find sizes of all products in our Dashboard or SKU-list:

2. Open a new file in for example Photoshop and use the sizes. All sizes are in mm and the recommended resolution is 300 DPI 

3. Place your design in the file you have prepared 

4. We don't use print margins for back printed products: what you see is what your customers gets. We use small print margins for fully printed cases. 

5. There is one exception: we use rounded corners and all models have camera holes and some fingerprintscanner holes. When you want to check this please use our masks. For example the mask of SKU B63400000 can be found here:  When you change the SKU number you can download the mask you need. You can drag the mask on your design and check if no important parts will dissapear.

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