If you want to sell personalised phone cases on your WooCommerce webshop, you can use the Zakeke extension for Invition Print & Ship. This extension automates the whole process of adding products to Zakeke, downloading print images and ordering them as a dropship order. That means you can focus on marketing, the orders will be handled fully automated.

Please note! 

  • You need an active subscription to use the Zakeke services
  • Don't enter your Invition API details in the Zakeke admin if you want to use this extension. 


You need three plugins for this setup. Invition Print & Ship manages the products and stock levels in your store and will also handle the orders for you. The Zakeke Product Customiser adds the customising functionality to your store. The Print & Ship Zakeke extension connects both plugins together and manages the Invition Products in the Zakeke dashboard. 

  1. Install Invition Print & Ship
    Search for the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory or download the package from this link.
    Installation guide
  2. Install Zakeke Product Customiser
    Search for the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory or download the package from this link.
    Installation guide
  3. Install Invition Print & Ship Zakeke extension
    Search for the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory or download the package from this link.
  4. Navigate to Invition Print & Ship > Settings > General and change the dropdown 'send order to Invition' to Ready for production. Don't forget to press save.  

Creating products

You can create a Zakeke product by navigating to Invition Print & Ship > Create a product > Create a Simple product.

This page shows a list of all products currently available. Add a product by checking the checkbox, open the dropdown in the top left and click 'Add as Zakeke product'. This will add the product to WooCommerce and start the upload to Zakeke through the API. 

If you want to check if the upload was successful, you can navigate to WooCommerce > Products. In the product list you should see your newly generated product. Somewhere on the right you should see the column Zakeke. This column can show the following statuses:

  • Empty: This means the configuration of the Zakeke plugin is incorrect and products will not be added
  • Green checkmark: The product was added to Zakeke and is ready to use
  • Red cross: Something went wrong adding the product. 
  • Orange circle arrow: The product is in the process of being added.

Placing orders 

Placing an order works through the WordPress cronjob. Every order with the status Processing will be checked every minute if it contains a Zakeke product. If it does, the Zakeke extension will try to download all print images from Zakeke and add it to the order. When all the print images are downloaded, it will change the order status to 'Ready for Production'. 

This is where the Print & Ship plugin takes over again. When the order status reaches 'Ready for production', it will automatically place the order at Invition and place the order confirmation in the order notes.

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