Create an order
To create an order click on ''+ create order''. 

Hit ''Select+'' and select the product(s) you would like to order by searching for the right product(s) by name (eg. iPhone 11 Pro Max wallet case) or SKU (eg. W70240000). Of course it is possible to add multiple products to your order or change quanities. The next step is to upload the design(s). You can use a .PNG or .JPG file to design your product.

We offer two shipping options: Drop shipment or Bulk shipment. When you select drop shipment we will ship directly to your customer. You need to add your customers address after you have selected this option. Our standard shipping level is normal. You can change it to tracked or premium. For more information about the shipping levels and prices take a look at: 

You select Bulk shipment if you want to place mutiple orders during the day and have them shipped per express (premium) to you in one shipment at the end of the day. Do you want to change your Bulk shipment address? Go to ''settings'' in the Dashboard.

Review your order
Use this as final check. You can check if the ordered quantities are right as well the selected shipping method and level is correct. If you prefer you can add your reference here as well. Make sure not to reuse a reference as this must be an unique value. You can use your order reference to find your order back in our Dashboard later.

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