From Print & Ship version 1.5.1 you can use the plugin to automatically add product to each order. You can set this up by going to your Wordpress backend and browse to: Invition Print & Ship > Settings > Gift items.

Here you find two settings. In both fields you have to enter an existing Invition SKU to add the item to the order. You can only select non-print items.

Add this product to each order
This will add one item to each order.

Add this product to each ordered product
This will add one item for each product in the order. 

Please note the following:

  • You can only use a non-print item
  • The added items will not appear in WooCommerce, they will be added to the order placed at the Invition Platform. If you want to check if the item was ordered, please login to the Invition Dashboard to check the order. We did this to prevent your customer from seeing the item in the order.
  • It will be added without billing your customer. Make sure you have enough profit on the order to add the item. We will charge you for each added item.
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