No matter if your use our API, one of our Plugins or place orders manually you can find all your orders back in our Dashboard. We always send one invoice per week.

Our weekly invoice e-mail explained

We send you an overview of your orders weekly per e-mail. A week is starting and ending at Monday 00:00. You are receiving three CSV-files with all order details and one invoice PDF. You are only invoiced for orders that has been shipped during that particular week. 

  • CSV-file with all print items: you can find all print items in this CSV-file 
  • CSV-file with distribution items: you can find all non-print items in the CSV-file
  • CSV-file with shipments: you can find all shipments in this file 
  • Invoice PDF: You can use this invoice for your administration. The totals of every CSV-file are displayed on this invoice.

Payment and due dates

All our invoices will fall due wihtin 14 days. We kindly ask you to tranfer the funds before the due date to our bank account. You can find our IBAN at the bottom of every invoice. When we don't receive your wire transfer within 14 days we are allowed to put your account ''on hold'' untill we have received sufficient funds. 

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