Damaged case
Although we try our hardest to send all products with the best protection and the best quality, it can still happen that the phone case is damaged at the time of delivery or within three months after delivery (warranty period). 

Wrong product
We are still humans and unfortunately it can happen that the wrong product has been sent to your customer. 

Design not as ordered
Printing the case is a very precise and accurate job. We check every case after printing but it can still happen that the design doesn't comes out the way your customer designed or ordered it.

Has your customer received the wrong product, is the case damaged or is the design not as ordered? Please follow the steps:

  1. Send us a message with the order number. 
  2. Include clear photos of the wrong product, damaged case or from its design.

After checking the photos and we concluded that the case is damaged or we sent a wrong product, we can offer a free new case which we will produce and ship within one working day. If the same case is not on stock at the moment, we always look for alternatives and get back to you with these. If there is no alternative available we create a credit note and refund the order. It can take a few days before you receive the refund.

Important note
Since all products are custom made, we can't refund when the customer is not, for no specific reason, satisfied with the design or wants to cancel the order after we have produced it.

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