In some situations it might be interesting or even necessary to change the print image after the order was placed. Maybe the customer decides to have a different print, or something was wrong with the image. Since Print and Ship version 1.4 it is not necessary anymore to make a new order for this.

Managing the print image on an order

When a customer placed an order and the order was not placed in the Invition Platform yet, you can still change the print image for an order. When the order is not placed yet, you can see an edit form on every order line with a print item like this:

Use this form to replace the print image with a different one. When the form disappears and the order item only says 'Print image', the order is already being processed. We cannot change the print image anymore when the order is in the printing process.

Manual order processing and custom designs per order

If you want to process the orders manually and make a custom design for every order, you can use this function combined with a custom order status. A little example:

  1. A customer places an order and finishes the payment. The order now has the status 'Processing'.
  2. The setting 'Send order to Invition' is set to the custom order status 'Ready for production'.
  3. You can upload a new design to all orders with the status 'Processing'. 
  4. When you uploaded the new design, manually change the status to 'Ready for production'. 
  5. The order is transmitted to Invition with the new print.

More information on the setting 'Send order to Invition'
In this article you can read how to use the setting 'Send order to Invition'

An article about creating custom order statuses
This article describes how to manage order statuses with a paid extension for WooCommerce. In the WordPress plugin directory there are also numerous free plugins available. 

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