If you're creating variable products, this setting can be really helpful. How to use it depends on how you create your variable products. If you create a variable product with a brand logo or a subject in the center of the design, this setting should be disabled! However, if your design covers the whole product, for example with a flower pattern, this can be enabled. 

Designs with a centered subject 

For most webshops, this setting should be turned off. This is because designs are always centered on the product. If you have a brand logo or a subject in the center, this will be always in the middle. Downside is that this does not work on fully printed wallets, as the middle of the product is the side when you fold it. We made two examples to make it more clear: 

This works:

This doesn't work: 

As you can see, when you fold the wallet the design will be in the wrong place. 

Designs without a subject in the middle

When you have a design which does not have the subject in the middle, like a cool pattern, you can decide to enable this option. An example:

 This works:

And this works too


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