If you're creating variable products, this setting can be really helpful. How to use it depends on how you create your variable products. If your variable product has variations for all models, it is very useful to enable this setting. 

Variable products with variations for all models

When this setting is enabled, the plugin will check each variable product to see if there are new models in the Invition Platform which are not connected to that product. If the plugin finds a missing model, an action will be created to add this. These actions can be found at the 'Product updates' page. 

Please note that this setting does not add the models automatically, but it creates the action which adds the model. We don't want to change all your data without you knowing, so we only do the suggestions and when you approve the data will be added.

Variable products with a selection of models (e.g. all flagship models from Apple and Samsung) 

When you want to create a variable product for a selection of models, for example all flagship models for Apple and Samsung phones, make sure this setting is disabled. Then you can select manually which models you want to use for each variable product. 

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