This setting determines what the standard backorder setting will be when creating new products. The value you choose here, will be used for every new product. There are three options:

Allow, but notify customer
This is the recommended setting. When you choose this option, the user will see in the frontend that a product is out of stock, but it can still be ordered. This prevents disappointments as the user is already informed on ordering about the product being out of stock. The user is still able to order, but knows that the product will be delivered later.

This setting results in no notices on the frontend. The plugin will still check if we are able to deliver the product on backorder, so if something is out of stock and will never come back your customer is not able to order. If something is available on backorder, the customer can place an order without any notices. Please keep in mind that this can result in more customer service requests!

Do not allow
When using this setting, the customer can only order a product when it is in stock at Invition. You will never sell something that is out of stock and the product will always be shipped the next workday.

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