To be able to automatically process your orders, we need to know when your order is ready for processing. We use the WooCommerce orders statuses for that. When an order reaches the status set at 'Send order to Invition', the plugin will automatically detect that it is ready to process and the order will be transferred to the Invition Platform.

What order status should I use?

We have two examples explained below. We reccomend using the fully automatic option but there are other ways of processing possible. 

Fully automatic order processing

When you want your store to be fully automated, you have to check what happens when a customer completes a payment. Most payment providers use the status 'Processing' for a paid order. In the field 'Send order to Invition', select the order status for a paid order and the orders will be processed automatically.

Manual order processing
If you want to check every order manually before ordering it at the Invition Platform, you can use an extra status. Create an extra status Example: 

  • Create an extra order status 'Ready for production'  
  • Change 'Send order to Invition' to your new order status 'Ready for production'. 

When someone now places an order and does the payment, the status will be 'Processing'. You can check every order with this status and if the order is correct, you can change the order status to 'Ready for production' and it will be processed automatically.

This is a WooCommerce explaination on how to create your own order statuses:

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