The Invition platform has two modes: Test mode and Live mode. If you are building a website and you would like to do some test orders to see if everything works as planned, you can use the Test mode. 

How to use Test mode 

If you want to place some test orders. Go to Invition Print & Ship in the WordPress admin and navigate to Settings. You have received two API users and two API keys from us, one is for the Test mode and one is for Live mode.

Fill in the test details and check the box 'Test mode'. Save your configuration. Your store is now running in Test mode. If you place an order and place the order in the Invition Platform, it will work exactly the same as the Live mode but the order will not be processed.

Send us an e-mail if you want us to mark the test order as shipped, to test if your store responds to the callback and the status will be updated automatically.

Switching to live mode

When you are ready to go live, please replace the API details for the live details  and uncheck the box 'Test mode'. Save the settings. Orders placed through your store will now automatically be processed. Please remind that every order placed in Live mode, will be printed!

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