There are situations where you don't want to sell every product available in the Invition Platform. For example your designs are not suitable for Fully printed wallets, because the subject is in the middle, or because your design is specifically made for transparent cases. There is an easy way to filter this. 

In the next example we are going to create a product using all variations except our Fully printed wallet cases.

Step 1 - Create a variable product  

Let's make a new product as example:

  1. Navigate to Products > Add new
  2. Enter the title of the product
  3. Below the description field you can select the product type, select Variable product
  4. Go to the Invition Print & Ship box and select 'Enable Invition services for this product'.
  5. Add your design to the 'Print image' field.

Up to this point, this works the same as making a product with all variations.

Step 2 - Selecting the attributes 

Above the Invition Print & Ship box, navigate to  Attributes. Click on the dropdown menu and select 'Brand', click Add.

After this, do the same for 'Model' and after that for 'Case type & colour'. Your screen should now look like this.

Uncheck the boxes 'Visible on product page' and check the boxes 'Used for variations'. At the 'Brand' and 'Model' attribute, click the 'Select all' button. All the available brands and models are added.

Because we don't want wallet cases in this example, we can click on 'Select all' in the 'Case type & colour' field, but after that we have to remove the 'Wallet case - Full print'. The field should look like this.

Click 'Save attributes' and save your product. If you go to Invition Print & Ship > Product Updates, you should now only see updates for all the products except the 'Wallet case - Full print'.

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