When you want to sell a product, off course it starts with a nice picture. Nobody will place an order for something they have never seen. Because we don’t want you to order every case you are selling just to make a picture, we made mockup files to make product images. 

Images in the mockup database are not publicly listed at the moment, but the images are available and can be reached like this:


An example:

Finding the right file

First you have to add a product to your WooCommerce using the Invition Import. When your product is added and configured:

  1. Go to your WooCommerce products overview
  2. Open the product you want to make an image for
  3. Browse to the part 'Invition Print & Ship'
  4. In the field Invition SKU, there is a code (like ‘F50230000’)
  1. Copy this code
  2. Browse to our Mockup library the link above
  3. Search for this code and open the folder

We will always supply at least one product image. This is called ‘Product image 1.jpg‘. Besides that there are a few other files available in the Google Drive. For this explaination we are going to use the file:

  • ‘Mockup top.png‘

and when available also:

  • ‘Mockup bottom.png‘.

We will use the Samsung Galaxy S9 Softcase Transparent as an example (‘B62410000’).

Creating the mockup using Photoshop

Open Photoshop and load the file ‘Mockup top‘. As you can see, the file is transparent in the center.

Load your design

Place your design in the file and make sure the design layer is underneath the ‘Mockup top’ layer. As you can see it already looks like something, but because our design contains transparency you can still see through the design.

Load the Mockup bottom file

This is where the ‘Mockup bottom’ file is useful. Place the ‘Mockup bottom’ also in your document and make this the bottom layer. Now your product image should look like this:

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