A simple product is a product which is linked to one single product at Invition.

Adding a product

Adding a product can be done through the 'Add Products' page. Navigate to the page and search the products you want to add. Check the checkbox and on the top left of the page select 'Add as new products'.

All the products you selected are added now. If you go to WooCommerce > Products, you should see the products you just created. Here you can finish the product description and other details.

Managing the print imageĀ 

The print image can be added in two ways. In the box 'Invition Print & Ship' you can choose if you want to upload the print image, or if your customer uploads the print image.

If you select 'Webshop uploads the print image', you see an image upload function. Don't forget to upload your design here, orders without a print image cannot be processed!

If you select 'Customer uploads the print image' this upload functionality will be displayed on the front page.

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