Creating a variable product only takes a few steps. With the new version of the plugin, most of the work is done automatically. Just read the following steps to create your first product!

  1. Add a new productIn the main admin menu, go to Products and select Add new.
  2. Choose a title for your productThis step is not necessary yet, but makes it easier to find your product later.
  3. Change the product to Variable productBelow the product description field, there is a dropdown which says Simple product. Change this to Variable product.
  4. Enable Invition servicesGo to the box called Invition Print & Ship and tick ‘Enable Invition services for this product’.
  5. Upload your designUpload your design at the Print image field (If you need help creating print images suitable for our plugin, please read this page).
  6. Publish your productClick on the Publish button on the right top of the screen. You can also save it as a draft for now.

Initializing the product

It’s time for the next step! Navigate in your main menu to Invition > Product updates. This page will display a list of actions that can be executed to create or fix your products. At first, there will be just one action like below. Execute the action to proceed.

Start the magic!

Your product is now prepared to generate variations and render images. Refresh the page to see the result. Now it should display a lot more actions, like the image below.

Just check the variations you want to generate or simply select all and click Execute.

Please note! The actions will be processed one by one and this might take some time. Please leave your browser open while generating actions and get a cup of coffee in the meantime. You can always close the screen and proceed later, stopping the process will not damage anything. The speed will drasticly improve in the next version.

How does it look?

The final result will look like the image below. When enabled in the plugin settings, prices will be automatically updated when something changes so you can be sure you make money on every sale. New models will be listed on the Product Updates page when they come available.

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