The settings for Invition Print & Ship can be found in your WordPress dashboard when navigating to WooCommerce > Invition Print & Ship. Before you can start, you need an API key to make a secure connection with our platform. Request your API key.

General settings

  1. API User
    Fill in the API username you received from us.
  2. API Key
    Fill in the API key you received from us
  3. Test mode
    Uncheck for live mode. Please remind you need to enter the live API credentials when changing to live mode.
  4. Place order on which status
    On what order status should the order be sent to Invition? Usually this is ‘Processing’, when the payment is received, but you can change this for your own needs.
  5. Show image upload on product page
    When this is set to yes and the product is set to ‘Customer uploads the print file’, an upload function will be displayed on the product page. You can disable this and show the upload field on a different location by using the shortcode displayed.
  6. Automatically add product image when no product image is present
    When checked, we will add an example image to every customizable product
  7. Allow backorders?
    Do you want to accept backorders? Default for this setting is Allow, but notify customer, because we want the customer to know they are ordering something that is not in stock.

Settings for variable products

  1. Automatically add new brands to variable products
    When checked, new brands will be added to your store automatically.
  2. Automatically add new models to variable products
    When checked, new models will be added to your store automatically.
  3. Automatically add new case types to variable products
    When checked, new case types will be added to your store automatically.
  4. Automatically update prices when Invition changes suggested retail price
    Should we change your product price when we change our suggested retail price? (when you uncheck this, you have to change the price for every product variation manually!).
  5. Automatically enable new variations
    Should we enable newly generated variations automatically?
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